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Mobile Social

Today, March 11th, at 6:15 pm a group will meet up at Starter Bikes to join in the Mobile Social, a fun no-drop evening ride. More info is on the Mobile Social page. We hope to see you there!


Majestic March Mosey – The Mobile Social: Part XII, S5

Friday, March 11, 6:15 pm at Starter Bikes or 7:00 pm at Woodruff Park

The weather’s warming up, and spring’s just around the corner. Join the Mobile Social’s March ride to soak in some of this glorious late winter/early spring weather. As always, it will be a social, fun and inclusive ride.

Starter bikes is hosting a social ride around Atlanta! More details are on the event page.

Local recurring events include the following. If you have an event coming up, post it in the comments!

StarterBikes Friday Evening Hours







Friday afternoons, from 4-6pm in the cage at the bottom level of the CRC Parking Deck

Mobile Social

Mobile Social Logo





Large group social ride, focused on a friendly atmosphere. Our top recommendation for new riders in Atlanta! Every second Friday of every month, departing from Woodruff Park around 7 pm. A group leaves from Starter Bikes at about 6:15 pm. For details, visit

Critical Mass

Large group social ride and political statement. Last Friday of every month, meeting at Woodruff Park and departing around 7pm.

Some other events can be found here.

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