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Welcome Back Tech! Some Things to Look Forward to:

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Today marks the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year at Georgia Tech, the calm and quiet that was the campus over the summer replaced by the excited hustle of new students and the sullen reunion of returning students. Bikes seem to be everywhere, aided by a beautiful day and a bounty of new facilities (many paid for through the SGA bill that BIIC submitted last spring, the rest through campus offices and spearheaded by Capital Planning and Space Management).

So what does this new year have in store for bicycling at Georgia Tech?

September 10th is the Ride for Kurt, which honors Tech professor Kurt Frankel, who was tragically killed while riding in Florida over the summer.

September 26th-30th is the first Georgia Tech Bike Week, planning for which is currently underway! It will feature a commuter competition, tabling, prizes, social rides, scavenger hunt, townhall, and more; look for detailed information on the page soon!

September 30th is New Belgium Brewery’s Clips of Faith film tour, which features bike-themed films, a giant party, and benefits the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition!

October 8th is the 2nd Annual Georgia Bike Summit, this year in Athens, GA. Tim Blumenthal of BikesBelong will be the keynote speaker (he’s an excellent speaker, with an enormous diversity of experience in bike advocacy), and the event is promising to be spectacular, with early registration outpacing anyone’s expectations.

November will mark the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s 20th Anniversary Party, a high-class event for members which will be held downtown.

Along the way, there are always Mobile Socials the 2nd Friday of every month, and countless social rides, StarterBikes will be in the cage every Friday (4-6pm), and viaCycle will be unveiling a pilot of their bike share program on campus! So, if you’re wondering whether this is going to be an exciting semester, you can take comfort in seeing a calendar already filling up with wonderful events and ways to get involved as much as you’d like.

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