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April 3, 2011 | 26 Comments

Starter Bikes is a collaborative project between Georgia Tech’s Students Organizing for Sustainability and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. Volunteers refurbish abandoned and donated bikes into low-cost, entry level bicycles for students and community members in need of inexpensive but reliable transportation. The program is also available for people who would like to try a bike, but don’t want to make a large up-front investment until they have more experience.

Starter Bikes also provides free access to tools, so you can fix your bike yourself. Volunteers are available to provide mechanical expertise.

Hours and Location Starter Bikes is open from 4-6pm on Fridays, and can be found in the bottom level of the CRC parking deck (easiest access is from the parking deck entry behind the CRC, or by walking down the stairs on the north side of the CRC).

Cost Bikes are available in a range of prices, from free to $150 depending on quality and condition.

  • Working bikes range from $50-$150 depending on quality.
  • If a bike requires repair, the price is reduced by anywhere from $5-$50 depending on how much work is needed. If you fix it up yourself, you get it for the cheaper price. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in bicycle repair, we’re here to help you learn.

Prices designated by Starter Bike Volunteer Manager – thanks for not haggling. To purchase a bike, visit the “cage” on the Georgia Tech campus.

Condition and terms All bikes are sold in working condition, but you will be asked to sign a waiver recognizing that these are used bikes – refurbished but not perfect – and that all bikes require maintenance to stay in working condition.

Buyback rates We’ll buy back the bike for the original price minus a rental fee. The rental fee is $10/week, until it reaches half the cost of the bike. After that, it doesn’t increase. We won’t buy back after 6 months. Any damage to the bike when it is returned increases the rental fee.

Safety Gear

  • Locks: Customers are strongly encouraged to purchase a lock for $20 – think of this as a warranty for your bike! Our locks are sturdy U-locks, much more secure than cables.
  • Lights: A front white light and red rear reflector are required under Georgia law when riding in low-light conditions. Get your set of front and rear lights for just $5!
  • Helmets: Just $10! When something so inexpensive could save your life, isn’t it worth it?

For more info, consult ABC’s StarterBikes page. Please do not pay online without first selecting a bike in person.

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  1. Hi Starter Bikes and Jonathan,

    I am a MTB instructor at ORGT and have a friend interested in purchasing a bike. Do you guys have anything currently available for $120 or less? I’m capable of fixing bikes if needed. I can come inspect bikes on Friday if you guys will be there.

    • Colin,
      I know we’re currently low on bikes, but you can definitely swing by Friday to see what we have in stock right now. We get a lot more bikes toward the end of September! If you have specific questions, send Jonathan Murphy ( an email, he can definitely be more specific on what they have currently.

  2. Hi there. I have a fairly new bike which I would like to donate because it’s
    too big for me. Where and when can I donate my bike to starter bikes?

  3. Hi Starter Bikes,

    I will currently buy a bike from a website, but I’m not able to build up it since only accessories are sent to me. Do you have bikes build up service and how much is the fee for it? Thanks.

  4. Hello, I have a bike that is too small for me. May I trade for a larger bike. I am willing to pay the difference if I trade for a more valuable bike. thanks

  5. Hello,
    I’ve just bought a new bike but it seems I cannot pump air into the front tire. Do you offer bike-repair? If so, where and when? And what’s the price gonna be?
    Thanks!!! :)

  6. I am really new to mountain biking sport and I always worry about what kind of mountain bikes that I should get for myself as the one I am using now is a second hand and I don’t think it could survive any longer. I hope you’ll be able to help and I am planning to purchase it online if it’s okay to do so.

    • I couldn’t make any particular suggestions regarding mountain bikes, but I’m sure there are some great resources on the web (reviews, details, etc). I would caution anyone against buying a bike online, unless they’ve gone to a shop and ridden the bike beforehand to see how it fits and feels. That’s often the most important part when buying a bike!

  7. Hi,
    I am a GT student. I want to come in for a repair of my old bike. I couldn’t find any fixed timings. Can u please tell me when should I come ?


  8. Hi! I’m a GT alumni and just recently got a rear bike seat and a bike basket so that I can start commuting to work! However, I’m not sure how to install it on my bike. Do you guys do this kind of service too? If so, what will be the service fee? Thanks!

  9. Hi,

    First I would like to say that I SIMPLY LOVED the whole experience at starter bikes today… Got an excellent bike for a dead low price.

    I just have a small issue. If you remember the green Huffy bike that you sold today, you should be knowing that it had a punctured back tyre. However the patch did not hold all that well and my back wheel ran flat within half a mile.

    Is there any other place that you know where I can fix my bike this week or should I wait till friday ?


    #Loved starters bike

    • Sorry to take so long to respond, but there are lots of great bike shops in Atlanta, I’d recommend Intown Bicycles near Piedmont Park, or Outback Bikes in Little Five. Glad you had a great experience at SB, and sorry the patch didn’t hold up better!

  10. Hello,

    Are you guys still doing Starter Bikes every Friday? If so, when do you guys wrap up during the end of the semester? (I.e. Friday before finals week…?) Also, How many bikes you got every week?

    Good day

    • Yup, every Friday! As long as there are volunteers, Starter Bikes continues during the summer. It’s not always staffed, but last summer it was open a majority of the Fridays. For bike info it’s best to just visit during the regular hours on a Friday, as availability changes and details are only available on site. Hope that helps!


  11. Hello, Starer Biles.
    I would like to buy a starter bike for my 12 year old son. My target price is under $120 for a used bike in good working condition. Do you currently have some bikes to choose from and where / when should I come, and who to contact? I am new to biking, so would not be able to fix one, so I prefer to get one in working condition for my kid. Thank you, Greg

  12. Hi

    Do you have the $5 lights and $10 helmet and lock in stock? If yes, then when can I drop by and buy it.

    Thanks for the help.


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