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Bicycle Registration & Theft Prevention

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Why Register?

Registering your bike will allow GTPD to contact you if your bike is stolen and recovered. GTPD shares registration information with the National Bike Registry, so other police departments can also access your information.

Upon registering, you will be provided a decal for your bike, which should be displayed prominently on your bike, and may act as a theft deterrent, as thieves know that the bike can be traced.

What do I need to register?

  • You will need your bike’s serial number. Please see the diagram to help locate the serial number.
  • You may submit photographs of your bike, documenting the entire bike and identifying marks.
  • Contact information, including GTID.

How do I prevent my bike from being stolen?

1. Get the right lock.

U-locks offer the best theft deterrence, as they better resist prying and cutting than a cable. To be most effective, the lock should be sized for how you plan to lock your bike, without additional room. A small to medium u-lock will lock your frame and a wheel to a rack, while still being portable; larger u-locks may be used to lock both wheels and frame.

2. Choose a visible bike rack.

Lock your bike to a bike rack, as only they are designed to deter theft; do not lock your bike to an object that can be cut or moved. Campus bike racks are intended for short-term parking and will be removed if left at a rack for longer than 7 days. If you require long-term parking, please contact PTS. For more information on parking, please see this short video.

3. Properly secure the bike to the rack.

What do I do if my bike is stolen?

If on campus, contact GTPD at 404.894.2500 or visit the precinct at Hemphill and Ferst. If you are off campus, contact the local police and file a report. If your bike is registered, report the bike as stolen to the registration service, as they may offer additional services to help recover the bike.