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Supporting Bicycling at Georgia Tech


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From monthly bike safety classes to bike rental programs, and repairs and maintenance, BikeGT has you covered!

Starter Bikes is a student-run bicycle co-op shop open every Friday from 4-6pm. Located in the CRC Parking Deck, Starter Bikes sells used bikes, teaches how to repair and maintain bikes, and sells bike necessities, such as u-locks and tubes. They also accept donations.

Have questions? Want to volunteer? Email Starter Bikes at

BuzzBikes offer an inexpensive, fun, and eco-friendly transportation option for Georgia Tech students. Bikes are available for rental to students for the summer, fall, and spring semesters, and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.






Registering your bike will allow GTPD to contact you if your bike is stolen and recovered. GTPD shares registration information with the National Bike Registry, so other police departments can also access your information.

Upon registering, you will be provided a decal for your bike, which should be displayed prominently on your bike, and may act as a theft deterrent, as thieves know that the bike can be traced.


Bicycle Infrastructure Improvement Committee (BIIC)

BIIC was formed in late 2010 by SGA, to bring together graduate and undergraduate students with staff members of the Georgia Tech offices of Capital Planning and Space Management, Parking and Transportation, Facilities, etc. Together they are tasked with improving bicycle infrastructure on campus through the evaluation of existing facilities, the creation of events and programs, securing funding for facility improvements, and other related endeavors. They represent a commitment of students and staff to sustainability, mobility, safety, healthy living, and a choice of travel modes.


The purpose of the BIIC is to improving the quality of bicycle infrastructure for the Georgia Tech community so that it is safer and easier to bike for health, fun and commuting, by:

  • Recommending yearly project priorities
  • Identifying and pursuing a diversity of funding sources
  • Coordinating bicycle education and outreach campaigns
  • Promoting interdepartmental coordination for improvement