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New Look, New Leadership!

May 13, 2014 | Comment

You may notice BikeGT has a new look – we’ve gone through the website and given it a shiny new theme and updated the content (hopefully all the pages will be updated soon). It’s not just the website either: the BIIC itself has welcomed a new commander-in-chair, Mariam Asad! Johann is stepping down to focus on grad school (lame, right?), and do things like update the website, while Mariam is stepping up to take the BIIC into 2014-2015.

What will the future hold? Well, the Campus Bike Master Plan is being drafted by Alta Planning + Design as we speak, and will be presented to campus in August. We’ve tagged 160 abandoned bikes on campus, and will be removing them throughout the summer and fall. Those bikes will find new homes thanks to StarterBikes, and all those rack spaces will be able to serve 160 new bikes. We’re also putting the finishing touches on our campus Bicycle Use Policy in the formal Institute Policy Review Process, and it will be released for public comment pretty much any day now!

That’s a brief little snapshot of what’s happening around Georgia Tech over the next few months, but where we go from there? Well, that’s up to all of you! Get involved (we’re looking for new student members of the BIIC!), volunteer, and tell us what you think campus needs (classes? incentives? infrastructure? bike racks? bike shop?). Oh, and of course keep your eyes peeled for Bike Week 2014!


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