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Logo Design Contest

February 29, 2016 | Comment

Help us design our new logos! BikeGT and Starter Bikes are looking for compelling new designs – do you have an idea? Email us at

Designs should capture the mission of each organization. BikeGT is the umbrella group for anything and everything bike-related on campus, and Starter Bikes is Tech’s student-run bicycle cooperative shop. As you can see, our existing logos are a bit tired and flat – but we know there’s a brilliant designer out there who has just the solution to make them pop! There’s a prize in the works that both cyclists and non-cyclists will enjoy – stay tuned for updates.

If you have a URL for your design(s), you can use the form below to submit it. Otherwise, just email us at








Starter Bikes






Logo Design Contest: Bike GT and Starter Bikes

Logo Design Contest: Bike GT and Starter Bikes

If your design is uploaded somewhere, you can send us the link here. Otherwise, just email us at


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