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April 1, 2011 | 11 Comments

Bike GT On-Campus

Both BIIC and StarterBikes are frequently looking for volunteers to help with planning, events, brainstorming, or just to take part! If you’d like to know more, join us at an event or just get in touch!

We also want your feedback, to help make bicycling on and around campus safer, easier, and more enjoyable; please let us know if you notice any problems that we should be aware of (areas of conflict, dangerous potholes, etc.)! The LiveSafe App, offered by the Georgia Tech Police Department, is an easy and anonymous way to report immediate issues, like vehicles obstructing bicycle lanes.

Bicycle Advocacy Off-Campus

To get involved in local, regional, or national bicycle advocacy, refer to our Advocacy Resources section, which contains organizational links and a brief overview of existing efforts. For those both on- and off-campus, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is always looking for individuals to become more involved in general advocacy, as well as their neighborhood associations or NPUs; if you’re interested in knowing more, feel free to contact us or ABC. In addition, there is a never-ending flow of events, including Critical and Courteous Mass, Mobile Socials, Midnight Rides, Beltline tours, and Atlanta Streets Alive. We often meet up at StarterBikes to ride as a group to the start of the Mobile Social. Check back frequently here, on Facebook, and Twitter, for updates! These rides are always a good time, and an excellent way to meet new people and bask in the wonder of riding around our beautiful city!


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  1. Hello,

    I’m a bike enthusiast and Computer Science major currently brainstorming mobile application ideas for course project. Does BikeGT or any related Tech bike organization currently have a mobile application? If so, how do I get it?

    A few features that might serve the tech bike community:

    *Connecting students who need simple, on-the-road repairs (such as tire-patching), with nearby knowledgeable students who are willing to assist.

    *Alerting other app users as soon as a student realizes a bicycle is stolen.

    *Helping students locate bike racks in unfamiliar areas of campus.

    Please share your thoughts about developing an application with your organization. I plan to come by starter bikes this Friday in hopes of learning more.

    Thank You,


    • Hi Jackson,
      We don’t currently have our own app, but the best and most flexible app on campus is LiveSafe from the police department. We have discussed including bike rack locations, and I like your ideas for connecting users interested in cycling. Please email us at to discuss this further.

  2. Hi, I’m from U of Illiinois at Urbana-Champaign. I love mountain biking(Although there are not so many nice trails nearby campus). Since my girlfriend is studying in Atlanta, I have a great amount of chance to head to Atlanta, especially during long breaks. I hope I can have some folks to ride with when I go there, sincerelly. I will take my bike with me if you guys are willing to ride with me and show me some good trails that you guys like.

    Illinois doesn’t have many trails except for XC, and I’m tired of that. hope can hear back from you guys.


  3. How or with whom do we advocate for MORE BIKE RACKS, specifically at Clough? Since the beginning of 2013, I bike to Clough twice a week; every single time, except when it was poring rain, there was NOT a single free rack, at either end of the building.
    No bike rack is a great deterrent to bikes, and it’s easy and cheap to address this problem!
    Please let me know the right person on campus to advocate with about this.
    Melissa Aberle-Grasse
    Language Institute (Professional Education Dept)

  4. What are the chances a bike pump station will ever be installed on campus? It’d be nice to have some sort of central location on campus where you could add a little air to your tires when you’re in a pinch.

  5. Sounds like your program is doing very well. Great looking website too! You should definitely connect with the Univ. Bike Programmer’s Network that I helped start in early 2008 and then list your program on our Wiki list of higher-edu bike programs:

    Here’s more info. about the network:

    Campus Bike Program Coordinators Network:

    The Campus Bike Program Coordinators List was created by Tim Potter of MSU Bikes (Michigan State University – and Jim Rogers, of University of Wisconsin-Madison Hoofers outdoor recreation program ( in early 2008. As of Feb. 2012 we have 180 members on the list.

    The purpose of the list is to provide a connection to university & community bike center coordinators and interested individuals so questions, ideas and resources can be shared to allow bike programs to prosper.

    Here’s an updated list of campus/community biking programs from around N. America:

    If you have updates to the schools that are listed, or would like to add additional info., etc. please use the Wikipedia tools to do so yourself.

    If you would like to join the campus biking email list, just send a blank email (no subject line required) to:

    You’ll receive a confirmation request to that email acct. which you’ll need to reply to in order to finish subscribing.

    Once you’re subscribed please post an intro. of your school’s/community bike program or Q&As as you see the need/ have the time. Simply post to:

    Also, please check out our old Yahoo group site (with separate subscription required) for more resources:

    Tim & Jim

    Tim Potter
    MSU Bikes Service Center
    B10 Bessey Hall/ Michigan St. University
    Along the N. River Trail, 300 ft. west of Farm Ln. Bridge
    E. Lansing, MI 48824-1033

    Ph: 517/432-3400
    Fax: 517/432-2743
    Home Dept:

    Jim Rogers, Outdoor Programs Coordinator / Hoofer Advisor
    Wisconsin Union Outdoor Programs Office
    800 Langdon Street
    Madison, WI 53706 USA

  6. How are you ? My name is Nam Kim and I’m a graduate student in Georgia Tech.

    My major is a Management and I though this is really cool !

    I and my team would like to help to boost your marketing.

    Actually, we try to attend Online Marketing Google Marketing that is kind of a marketing competition. Shortly, students select the company or NGO to promote by google search. (Google Ads).

    Of course, it is charged by each searching result and traffic work but the company that is co work with students does not need to pay fee and get the result of searching database during competition.
    You can access how many customers access from web and where they live and who are they (Male, Female, Age, when, where etc.).

    Therefore, I would like to meet you to explain what is our scope and project plan about that. Could you give us your schedule and contact points for meeting and talking about it ?

    Thank you

    Online Marketing Challenge

    • We can always use input and volunteer assistance! We can’t currently add any more members to the committee, but if faculty members choose to step down, we may solicit other faculty to join in!

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