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Bike GT

Supporting Bicycling at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech’s bicycle co-operative shop

February 7, 2016 | Comment

If you haven’t heard about Starter Bikes yet, then you definitely need to. If you have but would like to understand more, then you should read on as well. In general, Starter Bikes is awesome and you should be there to get a bike, work on your bike, volunteer, and make friends.

Here’s Starter Bikes –

this. is. STARTER BIKES!  IMG_20160101_183014

This is The Cage. We are located in the bottom of the CRC parking deck by the stairs and are open Friday’s 4-6pm. (Really. Pretty much every Friday. We’ll announce on our facebook page if we are not going to be open.)

The Cage has many great things such as a wide array of tools, a decent collection of parts (we operate by donations only, yall), a music player, a small heater, and the supplies to help get you and your bike safe and fun to ride! This include GTPD registration stickers, lights, helmets, and locks.

IMG_20160101_183028  IMG_20160101_185239  IMG_20160101_182932

For more information, email and check out our facebook page

We hope to see you there. Safe riding and have fun!

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