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Supporting Bicycling at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech becomes an official member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition!


While the two organizations have partnered on many projects in the past, including the university’s Starter Bikes program, the Institute’s administration wanted to further its support this month by becoming an official corporate member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. Georgia Tech believes this financial contribution to ABC will make the Institute and its surrounding neighborhoods safer, easier, and more attractive to bicycle.

One great example of this is a recent grant application that Georgia Tech’s Parking and Transportation Services and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition have partnered on to improve bicycle safety at the intersection of 5th Street and West Peachtree Street in Technology Square.  Read more about GT and ABC’s hard work in a recent Creative Loafing article here.  If awarded the grant, the Midtown Alliance and Georgia Tech have earmarked $8,000 in matching funds to complete the project.

Georgia Tech is excited to be an official member and looks forward to our continued partnership with ABC.

-Aaron Fowler, Alternative Transportation Coordinator @ Georgia Tech


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  1. I regularly commute to GaTech, riding through downtown. Sometimes, I take Luckie street, and on the way back south, I will take Centennial Olympic Drive. The traffic doesn’t move that fast on these 2 streets and when cars pass me, I usually catch them at the light. If Luckie St. is too busy, then there are the backroads, Mills, McAffee and Merrits that cut through the apartment complexes. That being said, a PATH connection would be nice.

  2. Good news. How much did GT contribute?

    And it’d be great to see some improved connections to the south of campus. It’s virtually impossible to get between campus and downtown Atlanta on a bicycle (at least safely).

    • As a corporate sponsor, GT donated $250 to ABC. And while I would also love to see some dedicated facilities near campus, I’ve actually found that riding Marietta street downtown is fairly nice; I used to ride it daily commuting to work, and generally enjoyed it. Also, Luckie isn’t too bad, and there’s always Peachtree, which isn’t too fast!


    • Thanks for the comment Judith.

      It would be great if we could get Centennial Olympic Drive converted back to a two-way street, then there would at least be a nice alternative to Marietta Street. I’ll definitely let the Downtown TMA know of your request. For a while there has been a PATH proposal to put a multi-use path down Luckie Street. If we can get the PATH extension built down John Portman Boulevard at Historic Harris Street (what a mouth full) and connect to Centennial Olympic Park, a Georgia Tech PATH connection seems like a logical next extension.

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