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Log Your Commutes for Bike Week

The Commuter Competition

The Commuter Competition is the heart of Bike Week; it represents an opportunity to encourage more students, staff, and faculty to commute by bike, as well as to thank everyone already riding to and from campus! Participation in the competition is free, all you have to do is return to each day to log your mileage (it’ll only take a few seconds each time), and we’ll do all the rest. And remember, get your friends and coworkers to try out bike commuting; they can help your department have a better shot at winning one of the departmental awards!

Individual Prizes

We’re excited to be offering a variety of prizes from Regal Cinemas, Target, REI, Octane Coffee, Intown Bicycles, ORGT, the CRC, Rocky Mountain Pizza, and more for individual participants, including a special event t-shirt!

Everyone who participates will be entered in a random drawing for additional prizes, as well as being eligible for prizes based on your mileage, days ridden, etc. You could win gift cards, bike gear, apparel, or other great prizes!

The Departmental Prizes

As much as we want to see individuals riding, what we’re really hoping for is departments to come together and show their solidarity and commitment to being supportive and encouraging of their bike commuters. Every participant will note their department, and we’ll keep track of which departments have the most commuters and most miles.

**The Commuter Competition Form is now closed, thank you to everyone who participated!**

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Bike Week 2013

This October 7-11 marks the third annual Georgia Tech Bike Week, created to encourage more people to ride their bikes to and around Georgia Tech, through prizes, incentives, fun events, and competition.

The centerpiece of Bike Week is a week-long Commuter Challenge. All students, staff, and faculty can use a simple form (which will be made available on the front page during the week) to log their miles and department each day; by doing so, you will be entered in random drawings, and eligible to win prizes for mileage and days ridden! Plus, departments will be competing with each other for the opportunity to have a bike rack dedicated to their victory at their building, plus year-long bragging rights!

In addition to the commuter competition, there are events each day, including:

Information tables Tuesday from 11-1pm along Tech Walkway

Helmet Decorating on Tuesday afternoon from 4-5pm in the Student Center

Ride with President Bud Peterson Wednesday afternoon (4:45pm) with members of the administration, including staff of Capital Planning, Parking and Transportation, Facilities, and the President himself! (This ride is very casual) Departs from the Trolley turnaround adjacent to the Student Center and Tech Walkway.

– A Bike Show on Thursday afternoon (1-3pm on Tech Walkway west/Tech Green) where you can win sweet prizes for having the best commuter bike, the best lit bike, the best in show, and the most unusual!

There will also be free repair stations open along Tech Walkway occasionally throughout the week!

Bike Week is a collaboration between the Bicycle Infrastructure Improvement Committee (BIIC), StarterBikes, Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS), Students for Progressive Transit (SfPT), GT Cycling Club, and many others. Make sure to check back in during the week for updated information including prize details, photos, and more!

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Apply to be on the BIIC!

The BIIC is bidding farewell to some of its members as they go off to bigger and better things; this means we’re looking for new members (particularly undergraduates!). If you’re interested, complete the application form below! We’ll contact you via email if we think you’re a good fit for the committee.

Incident Report Form now available

The BIIC, in partnership with Stamps Health Center, has made available on our website a new Incident Report Form that can be quickly submitted online to let us know about any issues you encounter around campus. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this tool to help us make better decisions about improvements to campus for cyclists!

The form can be found at the following link:

Enlightened Cycling Class

On March 20th Georgia Tech is hosting a special bike safety class we’re calling “enlightened cycling” (with the support of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition). We call it that because it’s going to focus on safety skills that are highly practical in nature, as well as information that will help make you a safer and more knowledgeable cyclist. In addition, we’re putting a greater focus on maintenance skills than we have in the past, so this is a great opportunity to learn a wide range of new skills that will assuredly save you time, money, and hassle in the future (not to mention make you a safer cyclist!).

The course is being held on the Georgia Tech campus in the DM Smith building (on Cherry Street) in room 104. The class will run from 5:30 PM to 9PM, though it’s ok if you’ll be a bit late (we know people have to come over from work, etc!). Make sure to bring your bike and a front and rear light to the class, as well as the $5 class fee (this is mostly to help support bringing in highly trained mechanics and also to pay for PIZZA!!!).

Sign-up for the class below (Members of the GT community are encourage, but others are also welcome!):

ABC Fall Bike Counts

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition (ABC) began gathering data on cyclist travel patterns and demographics in the City of Atlanta in Spring 2009. Since then, with the help of volunteers across the city, ABC has been able to document a 386% growth in the number of Atlanta residents commuting by bicycle! Not only does this information highlight the need for expanded and improved bicycle infrastructure, it helps city officials and planners prioritize projects that will provide the greatest benefits to Atlanta’s cycling community.

This fall, from November 7th-21st, volunteers will once again hit the streets to track cycling statistics for ABC’s Bike Counts project. We are hoping to collect data on cyclist routes and demographics (age, sex, helmet, etc.) in more locations around the city than ever before, but we need your help to make it happen! Volunteers will work in teams of two per location and time, gathering information on cyclists as they pass for two hours during peak commute times in the morning and/or in the evening. Shifts scheduled for days with inclement weather will be rescheduled to prevent weather variations from throwing off our data, so you will not be expected to stand in the rain or extreme conditions.

Volunteering is fun and easy! Just follow these simple steps:

– Visit to sign up as a volunteer
– Choose your location (many intersections to choose from across the city – find the ones nearest you):
– Pick the best date (Nov. 7-21) and time (7-9am or 5-7pm) to fit your schedule
– Sign up for as many shifts as you want (limit two volunteers at a time per location)
– Print the tracking documents that we provide you (or pick up copies at our office in Downtown Atlanta)
– Arrive at least 10 minutes early for your shift and track cyclist information per the instructions provided for the entire two hour period
– Once all your shifts are complete, turn in all documentation to ABC (in person or electronically)

Please help spread the word about this outstanding opportunity to support the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition in their mission, “To create a healthier, more sustainable Atlanta by making it safer, easier, and more attractive to bicycle for fun, fitness, and transportation.” If you have any questions, please contact Leslie Caceda at”

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Bike Week Returns!

Well, it took some time, but Bike Week has returned for a second year! Last year’s event was a great time, and we had a lot of participation, but we’re hoping to do even better this year, with more events AND more prizes!

Details on each event can be found on the drop down menu up above (see “Bike Week 2012”), but a brief rundown of the events is as follows:

Information tables Monday afternoon from 12-4pm along Tech Walkway

– A  scavenger hunt Monday-Friday

– A Heels on Wheels Ride (ladies only!) on Saturday

–  Townhall Thursday at 7pm (location TBD)

Ride with President Bud Peterson Wednesday afternoon (5pm) with members of the administration, including staff of Capital Planning, Parking and Transportation, Facilities, and the President himself! (This ride is very casual, and will feature a demo from viaCycle Bike Share!) Departs from the Trolley turnaround adjacent to the Student Center and Tech Walkway.

There will also be free repair stations open along Tech Walkway throughout the week!


A big shout-out to all our sponsors, including Auxiliary Services BuzzFunds, Intown Bicycles, Rocky Mountain Pizza, the CRC, and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

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GTPD Tabling and Free U-Locks

The GTPD is encouraging our community to choose cycling as a clean alternative mode of transportation in support of Earth Day.

Stop by the GTPD table on Tech Walkway this Friday, April 20th (Earth Day) for a chance to receive a free Bicycle U-Lock. To participate, you will need to bring your bicycle by our table and register it with the GTPD. One winner will be randomly selected out of the individuals who registered their bicycle with us at our Earth Day table. Winners will be notified via email or phone.

Come meet and talk with GTPD Officers on bicycle safety and security.

You will also have the opportunity to register your bicycle with the GTPD. We will be on Tech Walk Way, (formally Skiles) Monday, April 16, through Thursday, April 19, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

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Georgia Tech is a Silver Bike Friendly University

We’re very (very) excited to announce that the Georgia Institute of Technology has been recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bike Friendly University (BFU), with the rating of Silver (the potential rankings are None, Honorable Mention, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum). This is a tremendous recognition, and serves not only to validate the efforts of countless individuals and the university as a whole, but elevates Georgia Tech’s presence on the national scene as a university committed to truly serving the needs of its student body, who at Tech have demanded more support for bicycling in recent years.

Some background on the BFU title: As of this spring, 35 universities have been awarded Bike Friendly status, with one Platinum (Stanford), two Gold (UC Santa Barbara and UC Davis), and 14 total Silver schools. Emory University is one of the Bronze schools, having been awarded status as one of the first BFUs, making Atlanta the only city currently home to 2 recognized Bike-Friendly Universities! For fans of the Tech-UGA rivarly, note that UGA was awarded an honorable mention last fall.

We were recognized particularly for our subsidized bike education and maintenance classes, Bike Week, ViaCycle, Starter Bikes, and the involvement of President Peterson. We were also provided with a list of areas for improvement, which we’ll be reviewing and using to supplement other feedback from students and an internal gap analysis to direct our future efforts! For now, we’d simply like to thank everyone responsible for helping make this possible, and for supporting bicycling at Georgia Tech. The efforts of President Peterson, ViaCycle, Starter Bikes, the BIIC, hardworking staff (special thanks to Parking and Transportation, Capital Planning, Facilities, GTPD, and EH&S!), and countless volunteers, are why we have the programs and facilities we do, and they deserve the credit for this tremendous achievement.

Congratulations, Georgia Tech!

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National Bike Summit: What I Learned

After a long day of lobbying yesterday, I’ve finally had the chance to sit down and share some of the cool facts and stories that we heard during our speeches and sessions on Wednesday. Here are a sampling of some of the notable things I learned:

Session #1: “Bicycling Means Business” – Steve Meineke (President, Raleigh America), Steve Flagg (President, QBP), Brian Foley (Director of Merchandising, REI).

– Donating to the campaign of local officials is an easy way to get their ear for long enough to tell your story.

– 4:1 return on money spent to support bike commuting compared to the healthcare savings (for QBP).

– There are 2,000 transportation lobbyists in D.C.

– The demand is there; the economics is there; the infrastructure needs to catch up.

– We need more actual analysis from independent and reviewed sources; we need data!


Session #3: “The Benefits of Bicycling: Making the Case” – Jeff Miller (President, Alliance for B&W), Deb Hubsmith (Director, SRTS National Partnership), Maggie Grabow, Jay Gaikowski (Marketing Director, QBP)

– Rural bicycling: In towns of less than 10,000 twice as many trips are made by bicycling as in heavy urban areas. In Billings, MT, the chamber of commerce identified bike infrastructure as key to their recruitment of businesses and employees (Billings was ranked #1 small town for business location).

Conclusion = Bikes benefit everyone.


SRTS (Deb Hubsmith):

– Adding sidewalks cut accident rate for pedestrians by 50%.

– In 1969, 50% of kids walked/biked to school; today it’s 13%.

– 12,300 schools have benefited so far from SRTS (10% of schools)

– 25% of children’s traffic deaths occur when they are walking and biking and are struck by a car.

– For .5% of transpo funding, SRTS improves safety and increases physical activity at 12,300 schools.


Quality Bicycle Parts (Jason):

– Transportation policy is a viable means of addressing our nation’s health care crisis

– Commuting by bicycle can have an enormous impact on employee health and productivity

– Small investments in bicycle infrastructure can generate substantial returns.

– For businesses, changes in healthcare costs are a major aggravation

– Healthcare costs nationally from 2009-2011 up 24%, costs for QBP over the same down 4.4%. QBP employees higher on 15/18 health scores, tied on the other 3.

– $45,000 in commuter rewards programs; saved $175,000 annually on healthcare.


Bikeability and the Midwest (Grabow):

– Total economic impact of Bicycle Recreation in Wisconsin = $913 million

– $535 million from bicycle tourism

– Total of $1.5 billion in economic value

– In a study of the 11 largest cities in the Upper Midwest, modeling the substitute of all short trips in urban and suburban census tracts with bicycling during warmest 6 months of the year, they found:

1) Results: .1 microgram/cubic meter reduction in fine particulates, net reduction in ozone production, 608 fewer annual deaths, $4.94 billion in savings per year.

2) 4 trillion fewer tons of CO2 emitted annually.

3) Total of $8.7 billion in benefits and 1,295 fewer deaths (in terms of mortality rates)


Alliance for Biking and Walking (Jeff Miller):

– 50,000,000 bicyclists, 4 billion trips (11.5% of all trips)

– If you triple the number of cyclists riding, you cut traffic incidence in half

– 8,400 jobs from TE, SRTS, etc. (1.6% of transportation funding)

– Twice as many jobs from bike/ped projects than highway projects

– 12% of trips, 14% of fatalities, 1.6% of funding


Session #2 was focused on preparing for the lobbying day, so I’m going to include those lessons in another entry focused on the state of the federal transportation authorization and our lobbying efforts. Cheers to a great second day of the Summit!


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