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Earth Day is Also Bike Day

Unfortunately Bike Week 2014 didn’t really come together, despite a whole lot of hoping it would. However, we’re very excited to announce a miniature version of Bike Week: Bike Day! Consider this some of the fun of Bike Week packed into just one day. And what better day for that than Earth Day??

That’s right, this Friday, April 17th (Earth Day 2015) we’ll be celebrating Bike Day as well. That means one day of Bike Commute Prizes, one day of free bike repairs, one day of crazy weird bikes, and one day to get out and ride!

It may not be as flashy or big as past years, but we’re still going to make sure that we recognize all those awesome people who ride to, from, and around campus!

BIIC Looking for New Members!

The BIIC is looking for new student members for 2014-2015 (and hopefully beyond!). If you’re interested, please apply, we have lots of openings and lots of opportunities for you to make a big difference in bicycling on campus!

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Atlanta Bike Challenge comes to Georgia Tech (& Lunch n’ Learn!)

For the past two years, Atlanta has hosted a Bike to Work Challenge, focusing on encouraging people to bike to work to win prizes. Georgia Tech has always had a strong showing, but many staff, faculty, and students weren’t able to participate due to the exclusive focus on commute trips.

Fortunately, this year Georgia Commute Options has unveiled a new program, the Atlanta Bike Challenge, which offers even more prizes (gift cards to local restaurants, passes to exciting attractions, hundreds of movie tickets, even a new bike!) and the bar for participation is just riding a bike for 10 minutes or more, anytime, anywhere between September 28th and October 19th. Participants sign up with an employer team (Go Georgia Tech!) and see if they can get the highest percentage of their staff to participate in the Challenge by riding a bike for 10 minutes. Sounds pretty cool!

You can learn more about the Challenge at the website,

As part of the Challenge, Georgia Tech is hosting a special Lunch n’ Learn with the help of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. If you’ve always wanted to learn the tips and tricks of bike commuting, join us on Wednesday October 15th from 12-1 in the Piedmont Room of the Student Center for a free class! Bring your lunch, meet some cool people, and pick up some handy tools to help you be a more confident and comfortable cyclist.

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New Look, New Leadership!

You may notice BikeGT has a new look – we’ve gone through the website and given it a shiny new theme and updated the content (hopefully all the pages will be updated soon). It’s not just the website either: the BIIC itself has welcomed a new commander-in-chair, Mariam Asad! Johann is stepping down to focus on grad school (lame, right?), and do things like update the website, while Mariam is stepping up to take the BIIC into 2014-2015.

What will the future hold? Well, the Campus Bike Master Plan is being drafted by Alta Planning + Design as we speak, and will be presented to campus in August. We’ve tagged 160 abandoned bikes on campus, and will be removing them throughout the summer and fall. Those bikes will find new homes thanks to StarterBikes, and all those rack spaces will be able to serve 160 new bikes. We’re also putting the finishing touches on our campus Bicycle Use Policy in the formal Institute Policy Review Process, and it will be released for public comment pretty much any day now!

That’s a brief little snapshot of what’s happening around Georgia Tech over the next few months, but where we go from there? Well, that’s up to all of you! Get involved (we’re looking for new student members of the BIIC!), volunteer, and tell us what you think campus needs (classes? incentives? infrastructure? bike racks? bike shop?). Oh, and of course keep your eyes peeled for Bike Week 2014!


Campus Bike Master Plan

Georgia Tech is currently working on development of a Campus Bike Master Plan (BMP) with Alta Planning+Design. We’d like to make sure everyone shares their thoughts on bicycling, so please share your thoughts using the form below!

Update Coming

You know, the BIIC has been around a few years now, trying to get it’s start and doing the best it can. But it feels like maybe it’s time to step it up, and update our game. So that’s our next step. Interested? Let us know (

Also, we’re hoping to totally overhaul this page, so keep your eyes peeled for that too. We can always use help though!

Bike Rack Feedback

Georgia Tech is considering where to invest in additional bike racks with some limited funding that has become available; please help us identify the areas most in need of new racks (you’re the users, your perspective counts above all!). Thank you!

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Helmet & Light Giveaway Contest!

Thanks to BuzzFunds and Val Peterson, we have over a dozen helmets+lights to give away! If you need one, all you have to do is submit your info below and we’ll randomly draw winners! Contest ends November 7th at Midnight.

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Bike Week Wrap-up

First off, a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in Bike Week! We had almost 200 participants in the Commuter Competition, 15 entrants (and 50+ judges!) in the Bike Show, and around 20 people rode alongside Bud Peterson in the Ride with the President. All in all, not a bad week! To make things even better, we now have over 70 different prizes to give out to all those participants (plus everyone gets a sweet Bike Week t-shirt!!). If you participated in the Commuter Competition or Bike Show, you’ve already received an email with instructions on how to claim your prizes. For those of you wondering who won our different competitions, here are the results:

Commuter Competition:

Student: 1st Place – Morris Satin (62 miles), 2nd Place – Megan Lutz (48.5 miles), 3rd Place – Oliver Boudreaux (45 miles)

Staff: 1st Place – Kevin Cook (108.4 miles), 2nd Place – Brian Rooney (70 miles), 3rd Place – Federico Tobon-Aguirre (45 miles)

Faculty: 1st Place – Jeff Geronimo (72.4 miles), 2nd Place – Robert Butera (56 miles), 3rd Place – Victor Breedveld (44 miles)

Departmental Competition: Most Riders – Mechanical Engineering, Most Miles Per Rider (over 5 riders) – Electrical and Computer Engineering


Bike Show:

Best Commuter Bike – Geries Abuakel

Safest Bike – Jonathan DiGioia

Best Road/Race Bike – Reed Alexander

Most Impressive – David Crites


Finally, an enormous shout-out to all of our fantastic sponsors:

Auxiliary Services BuzzFunds

Rocky Mountain Pizza

Highland Bakery

Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

Yeah! Burger

Monday Night Brewing

Red Brick Brewing

Intown Bicycles


Thank you, and hope to see you next year!

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