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Mobile Social Tonight

Today at 6:15 a group will meet up at Starter Bikes to join in the Mobile Social, a fun no-drop evening ride. More info is on the Mobile Social page. We hope to see you there!


Majestic March Mosey – The Mobile Social: Part XII, S5

Friday, March 11, 6:15 pm at Starter Bikes or 7:00 pm at Woodruff Park

The weather’s warming up, and spring’s just around the corner. Join the Mobile Social’s March ride to soak in some of this glorious late winter/early spring weather. As always, it will be a social, fun and inclusive ride.

Georgia Tech’s bicycle co-operative shop

If you haven’t heard about Starter Bikes yet, then you definitely need to. If you have but would like to understand more, then you should read on as well. In general, Starter Bikes is awesome and you should be there to get a bike, work on your bike, volunteer, and make friends.

Here’s Starter Bikes –

this. is. STARTER BIKES!  IMG_20160101_183014

This is The Cage. We are located in the bottom of the CRC parking deck by the stairs and are open Friday’s 4-6pm. (Really. Pretty much every Friday. We’ll announce on our facebook page if we are not going to be open.)

The Cage has many great things such as a wide array of tools, a decent collection of parts (we operate by donations only, yall), a music player, a small heater, and the supplies to help get you and your bike safe and fun to ride! This include GTPD registration stickers, lights, helmets, and locks.

IMG_20160101_183028  IMG_20160101_185239  IMG_20160101_182932

For more information, email and check out our facebook page

We hope to see you there. Safe riding and have fun!

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Starter Bikes Snow Day

Yes, we’re open today! Our hours are 4 to 6 p.m., just like every Friday. What could be better than tuning up your bike instead of doing schoolwork? 
With the shorter days and longer nights, it’s more important than ever to light up your bike at night – even on campus. We carry a set of four lights (headlight, taillight and two wheel lights) for $5. Stop by to pick up a set so you can ride safely, and legally, this winter. (At a minimum, Georgia law requires a headlight and a rear reflector.) 

As always, email us at with any questions. 

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Georgia Tech becomes an official member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition!

While the two organizations have partnered on many projects in the past, including the university’s Starter Bikes program, the Institute’s administration wanted to further its support this month by becoming an official corporate member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. Georgia Tech believes this financial contribution to ABC will make the Institute and its surrounding neighborhoods safer, easier, and more attractive to bicycle.

One great example of this is a recent grant application that Georgia Tech’s Parking and Transportation Services and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition have partnered on to improve bicycle safety at the intersection of 5th Street and West Peachtree Street in Technology Square.  Read more about GT and ABC’s hard work in a recent Creative Loafing article here.  If awarded the grant, the Midtown Alliance and Georgia Tech have earmarked $8,000 in matching funds to complete the project.

Georgia Tech is excited to be an official member and looks forward to our continued partnership with ABC.

-Aaron Fowler, Alternative Transportation Coordinator @ Georgia Tech


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