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Bike Mentor Program Looking for Knowledgeable Cyclists!

We know there are a lot of Tech students and faculty who might be interested in bike commuting or riding recreationally, but aren’t sure how to get started, so we’re putting together a new mentoring program that will pair new cyclists with an experienced and knowledgeable cyclist in the community who can advise them on getting geared up, how to do basic maintenance, what routes are safest, easiest, and most pleasant for commuting to and from Tech, and any other bike-related questions they might have.

You could be an invaluable resource for cycling at Tech, and help introduce new cyclists to the joy and wonder of getting around by bicycle! Plus, we’ll be putting together a special orientation event for all our new Mentors later in the spring, that you won’t want to miss out on!

If you’re interested in being one of our Bike Mentors, send an email with your name and neighborhood (to best pair new cyclists with mentors in their area) to


$10,000 Bikes Belong Grant Award!

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition was recently awarded a grant in partnership with Georgia Tech, Midtown Alliance and the City of Atlanta to improve bike connectivity and safety at the intersection of 5th Street and West Peachtree Street.  Innovations from the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide will be used in this project to connect two segments of existing bike lanes along 5th Street. Partners Georgia Tech, the City of Atlanta, and the Midtown Alliance share the goals of increasing safety and accessibility while making riding an appealing transportation option on campus and throughout the city. Bikes Belong’s grant of $10,000 will fund material costs while leveraging in-kind donations of engineering and design work.  Midtown Alliance and Georgia Tech’s Parking and Transportation will contribute $8,000 in matching funds.  Big thanks to ABC, Midtown Alliance and the City of Atlanta’s transportation planning staff for all their hard work!

Campus-wide Bike and Rack Counts (11/17)

This Thursday, November 17th, BIIC will be calling upon dedicated volunteers to help us with a special project: bike counts! We’ll be traversing the campus and counting the number of bikes locked up at each rack, as well as the total number of racks and spaces available. Together, this information will serve as the basis for our updated rack demand list, and as part of a baseline about bicycle mode share on campus (to be compared to future counts).

Why do we tell you this? Well, if you normally ride, don’t forget to ride on Thursday! Also, because we could always use more volunteers (special bonus: free pizza for volunteers!). If you’re interested in helping out, join us in front of the CULC at 11am on Thursday!


GTPD U-Lock Raffle Winners

Congratulations to Patrick Pierre and Brian Post, winners of the GTPD U-Lock giveaway! During Bike week 2011, the Bicycle Infrastructure Improvement Committee (BIIC) and GTPD raffled two U-Locks to individuals who registered their bicycles with GTPD during the week before and during Bike Week.

Have a bike on campus? Make sure it’s registered with GTPD, it’ll help reduce theft, and help them find your bike in case something happens to it. Plus, you never know when you’ll win a free U-Lock!

Student’s bicycle returns home after 2 and a half years

Bicycle theft is at best a serious nuisance, and its rare to find a stolen bike beyond a few days later. However, thanks to the dedication of Georgia Tech Police, one student was reunited with his Trek almost three years later.

Connor Watkins reported his bike originally stolen in January of 2009; his blue Trek 820 twelve-speed bicycle had gone missing from the bike rack located near Caldwell Residence Hall. He had registered it with the Georgia Tech Police Department, but given the difficulty in hunting down a missing bike, it went missing for some time.

That is, until Monday, June 20th, 2011. At 10am, while checking for abandoned bicycles on campus, a check through the Police department’s bicycle registry system showed that one of the bicycles belonged to Mr. Watkins.  Apparently, some student had stolen Connor’s bike, and used it around campus, eventually abandoning it attached to another rack; while removing abandoned bikes, facilities and campus police checked the bikes against the registry and realized it was Connor’s. He was notified immediately and the bicycle was placed in safekeeping until he was able to pick it up on a later date (see pictures).

While 3 years is a long wait to get your bike back, this is one of the many reasons we encourage everyone to register their bikes with Campus Police, and it’s great evidence of the commitment of the departments around campus to the students at Tech. A proud day for Campus Police, Connor, and Georgia Tech!

Georgia Tech becomes an official member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition!

While the two organizations have partnered on many projects in the past, including the university’s Starter Bikes program, the Institute’s administration wanted to further its support this month by becoming an official corporate member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. Georgia Tech believes this financial contribution to ABC will make the Institute and its surrounding neighborhoods safer, easier, and more attractive to bicycle.

One great example of this is a recent grant application that Georgia Tech’s Parking and Transportation Services and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition have partnered on to improve bicycle safety at the intersection of 5th Street and West Peachtree Street in Technology Square.  Read more about GT and ABC’s hard work in a recent Creative Loafing article here.  If awarded the grant, the Midtown Alliance and Georgia Tech have earmarked $8,000 in matching funds to complete the project.

Georgia Tech is excited to be an official member and looks forward to our continued partnership with ABC.

-Aaron Fowler, Alternative Transportation Coordinator @ Georgia Tech


Welcome Back Tech! Some Things to Look Forward to:

Today marks the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year at Georgia Tech, the calm and quiet that was the campus over the summer replaced by the excited hustle of new students and the sullen reunion of returning students. Bikes seem to be everywhere, aided by a beautiful day and a bounty of new facilities (many paid for through the SGA bill that BIIC submitted last spring, the rest through campus offices and spearheaded by Capital Planning and Space Management).

So what does this new year have in store for bicycling at Georgia Tech?

September 10th is the Ride for Kurt, which honors Tech professor Kurt Frankel, who was tragically killed while riding in Florida over the summer.

September 26th-30th is the first Georgia Tech Bike Week, planning for which is currently underway! It will feature a commuter competition, tabling, prizes, social rides, scavenger hunt, townhall, and more; look for detailed information on the page soon!

September 30th is New Belgium Brewery’s Clips of Faith film tour, which features bike-themed films, a giant party, and benefits the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition!

October 8th is the 2nd Annual Georgia Bike Summit, this year in Athens, GA. Tim Blumenthal of BikesBelong will be the keynote speaker (he’s an excellent speaker, with an enormous diversity of experience in bike advocacy), and the event is promising to be spectacular, with early registration outpacing anyone’s expectations.

November will mark the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s 20th Anniversary Party, a high-class event for members which will be held downtown.

Along the way, there are always Mobile Socials the 2nd Friday of every month, and countless social rides, StarterBikes will be in the cage every Friday (4-6pm), and viaCycle will be unveiling a pilot of their bike share program on campus! So, if you’re wondering whether this is going to be an exciting semester, you can take comfort in seeing a calendar already filling up with wonderful events and ways to get involved as much as you’d like.

Professor Frankel Killed While Cycling [UPDATED]

Since our founding a few months ago, we have had the good fortune to share quite a bit of good news. Sadly, this last weekend brought us bad news:

Georgia Tech lost a valuable member of its community this past holiday weekend with the passing of Professor Kurt Frankel, 33.  Kurt was struck by a motorist while riding his bicycle in Walton County, Florida last Saturday.  Kurt was a prominent young professor with impressive success for his age.  He was active in science communication, including an appearance on CNN in response to the 2010 tsunami in Chile, and was well-loved by students and professors at Georgia Tech. Deepest sympathies go out to Kurt’s family and friends.



There was an excellent local news story describing what motorists and cyclists should take from this tragic accident. Please give it a read, and share it with friends. Find the article here.

BIIC Awarded $1,500 Seed Grant

This week, BIIC was awarded a $1,500 seed grant from GeorgiaBikes! and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety! This grant will be used to help BIIC make headway on some of the many projects worthy of pursuing. Some of the submitted project list include:

1) Funds for printing commuter cycling pamphlets (resources, safety info, etc) for the fall freshman orientation, and to be distributed as possible (based on cost and available funding).
2) Operating funds for the website, survey tools, and basic graphic design services/programs.
3) Signage for events, including students fairs, mobile advertising, and StarterBikes repair site.
4) Organizational business cards for representatives to distribute in professional settings.
5) Travel/registration funds for representatives to attend Georgia Bike Summit in the fall.

While the specifics of how and when we’ll pursue these projects haven’t been solidified yet, updates will be posted as they are available, so keep checking the website, facebook, and twitter.

Be sure to let us know what improvements you’d like to see, and how BIIC could better serve the cycling community, by using our contact button or sending us an email at

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