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Bike Week Returns!


Well, it took some time, but Bike Week has returned for a second year! Last year’s event was a great time, and we had a lot of participation, but we’re hoping to do even better this year, with more events AND more prizes!

Details on each event can be found on the drop down menu up above (see “Bike Week 2012”), but a brief rundown of the events is as follows:

Information tables Monday afternoon from 12-4pm along Tech Walkway

– A  scavenger hunt Monday-Friday

– A Heels on Wheels Ride (ladies only!) on Saturday

–  Townhall Thursday at 7pm (location TBD)

Ride with President Bud Peterson Wednesday afternoon (5pm) with members of the administration, including staff of Capital Planning, Parking and Transportation, Facilities, and the President himself! (This ride is very casual, and will feature a demo from viaCycle Bike Share!) Departs from the Trolley turnaround adjacent to the Student Center and Tech Walkway.

There will also be free repair stations open along Tech Walkway throughout the week!


A big shout-out to all our sponsors, including Auxiliary Services BuzzFunds, Intown Bicycles, Rocky Mountain Pizza, the CRC, and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

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  1. Also, want to let you know the container we ship the bikes in becomes a bike shop, and we train a group of local people how to repair bikes. This provides sustainability to the bikes we send. Our website is being redone, but you can find us on FB under Bicycles For Humanity – Alpharetta.


  2. Hello, my name is Toni Valentine, and I run a non-profit called Bicycles For Humanity. Basically, we collect gently used bicycles and send them to communities in Africa. We believe a bicycle can truly change a life, and thus a community in places that otherwise have no form of transportation. I’m not sure if we could find a way to partner with you guys on Bike Week, but if you ever have bikes that people no longer want we would gladly take them and could provide a tax receipt in return. Our goal is to send 400 bikes to Uganda this December. Please feel free to email me if you want more information, and I would love to find a way to work with you. Thank you in advance for your time.


    • Toni,
      We actually already operate a program to gather old bikes, teach students how to repair them, and then sell them to those students for a minimal price; we go through these bikes pretty quickly (there’s always demand for inexpensive bikes on our campus!), but should we ever encounter a surplus of bikes, we’ll be sure to consider you!

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