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Bicycle Infrastructure Improvement Committee

October 22, 2015 | Comments Off on Bicycle Infrastructure Improvement Committee

BIIC was formed in late 2010 by SGA, to bring together graduate and undergraduate students with staff members of the Georgia Tech offices of Capital Planning and Space Management, Parking and Transportation, Facilities, etc. Together they are tasked with improving bicycle infrastructure on campus through the evaluation of existing facilities, the creation of events and programs, securing funding for facility improvements, and other related endeavors. They represent a commitment of students and staff to sustainability, mobility, safety, healthy living, and a choice of travel modes.


The purpose of the BIIC is to improving the quality of bicycle infrastructure for the Georgia Tech community so that it is safer and easier to bike for health, fun and commuting, by:

  • Creating a Campus Bicycle Master Plan – Update: the Plan will be released in the Fall of 2015!
  • Recommending yearly project priorities
  • Identifying and pursuing a diversity of funding sources
  • Coordinating bicycle education and outreach campaigns
  • Promoting interdepartmental coordination for improvement

    Bicycle Infrastructure Improvement Committee (BIIC) Members

  • Administrators:
    • Howard Wertheimer, Director, Capital Planning and Space Management
    • David Williamson, Associate Director, Transportation, Parking and Transportation
    • Lisa Safstrom, Transportation Planner, Parking and Transportation
    • Hyacinth Ide, Facilities Operations & Maintenance
    • Jay Jenkins, Construction Project Manager, Auxiliary Services
    • Of. Brian Bonus and Sgt. Gary Cook, Georgia Tech Police Department


    • Caroline Appleton, Co-President (G)
    • Alec Lindman, Co-President (G)
    • Mariam Asad, (G)
    • Johann Weber, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition (G)
    • Michael Tennenbaum, Starter Bikes (G)
    • Katelyn DiGioia, (U)
    • Jonathan DiGioia, (G)
    • Malin Dartnell, (U)
    • Ahsan Khan, ORGT (U)
    • Alex Levit, (U)


    • Michael Hoffman, Public Policy
    • Michael Elliott, City and Regional Planning


    • Preston Moss, Campus Police
    • Aleece Foxx, Manager of General Safety, Environmental Health and Safety
    • James Dark, General Safety Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety
    • Anne Rogers, Sustainability Project Manager
    • Anne Boykins-Smith, Capital Planning and Space Management
  • Contact: