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BIIC Awarded $1,500 Seed Grant


This week, BIIC was awarded a $1,500 seed grant from GeorgiaBikes! and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety! This grant will be used to help BIIC make headway on some of the many projects worthy of pursuing. Some of the submitted project list include:

1) Funds for printing commuter cycling pamphlets (resources, safety info, etc) for the fall freshman orientation, and to be distributed as possible (based on cost and available funding).
2) Operating funds for the website, survey tools, and basic graphic design services/programs.
3) Signage for events, including students fairs, mobile advertising, and StarterBikes repair site.
4) Organizational business cards for representatives to distribute in professional settings.
5) Travel/registration funds for representatives to attend Georgia Bike Summit in the fall.

While the specifics of how and when we’ll pursue these projects haven’t been solidified yet, updates will be posted as they are available, so keep checking the website, facebook, and twitter.

Be sure to let us know what improvements you’d like to see, and how BIIC could better serve the cycling community, by using our contact button or sending us an email at

2 people are talking about “BIIC Awarded $1,500 Seed Grant

  1. Uh really? The funds are being used to print pamphlets, business cards, and signage? Come on guys! What we really need on campus is more bike racks and roofs over those racks to keep the bikes from rusting out in the rain. The only reason more people don’t bike around campus is because it’s annoying trying to find a free space to park your bike where it won’t get destroyed by the rain while you’re in class.

    Let’s use this money on something that will actually benefit cyclists, not for promotional materials that will look good on your resumes!

    • That grant existed expressly to support information and education, so using it on racks wouldn’t be an option. Also, $1500 isn’t even enough to buy a full-size rack sadly, though we have since received another $1800 grant which will partially support the installation of more racks outside the CULC. I agree that covered racks are a priority, and we’re already working on figuring out how to add more racks, particularly covered and indoor racks.

      That said, don’t underestimate the importance of encouragement; that money is critical to helping support things like Bike Week, which we hope will encourage more people to get out there and start riding. As tough as it is to get money from Tech for infrastructure, it’s a lot harder to get money for things we need, like printing, website maintenance, events, etc. So this grant was a huge boon to us!

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