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2011 Georgia Tech Bike Week (September 26-30)


This September 26-30 marks the first Georgia Tech Bike Week, created to encourage more people to ride their bikes to and around Georgia Tech, through prizes, incentives, fun events, and competition.

The centerpiece of Bike Week is a week-long Commuter Challenge. All students, staff, and faculty can use a simple form (which will be made available on the front page during the week) to log their miles and department each day; by doing so, you will be entered in random drawings, and eligible to win prizes for mileage and days ridden! Plus, departments will be competing with each other for the opportunity to have a bike rack dedicated to their victory at their building, plus year-long bragging rights!

In addition to the commuter competition, there are events each day, including:

Information tables Monday afternoon from 1-4pm along Tech Walkway

– A team (2-4 people) scavenger hunt Tuesday-Wednesday (Pick up your packet on Tech Walkway at the StarterBikes repair station between 11-1 on Tuesday, it’s due between 11-1 on Wednesday)

– A Heels on Wheels Ride (ladies only!) on Wednesday (departing at 6pm from the lot behind the Student Center)

“All of the Bikes” music video showing on Wednesday in Student Center Theater from 11am-1pm (video made specially for Bike Week!)

Bike Fashion Show Thursday 11-12 in front of Ferst Amphitheater

– “How Can We Make Tech More Bike-Friendly?” Townhall Thursday at 6pm in room 320 of the Student Center

Tour de Tech social ride Friday afternoon (6pm) with members of the administration, including staff of Capital Planning, Parking and Transportation, Facilities, and perhaps some surprise guests! (This ride is very casual, and will feature a demo from viaCycle Bike Share!) Departs from the Trolley turnaround adjacent to the Student Center and Tech Walkway.

There will also be free repair stations open along Tech Walkway all week between 11am-1pm!

Bike Week is a collaboration between the Bicycle Infrastructure Improvement Committee (BIIC), StarterBikes, Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS), Students for Progressive Transit (SfPT), viaCycle, GT Cycling Club, and many others. Make sure to check back in during the week for updated information including prize details, photos, and more!

-Poster courtesy of Christian DiCenso

7 people are talking about “2011 Georgia Tech Bike Week (September 26-30)

  1. Great to see this happening on campus! I wish I could join you but I’m out of town. I’ve been biking to work at Tech since 1974 and the momentum for bike transportation and fun is really impressive.

  2. About the Tour de Tech on Friday… do you guys know that’s also the same day and time as Critical Mass? Most people I know who ride bikes at Tech will be at CM during that time. Perhaps the Tour de Tech should end where CM starts?

    • We do, but this was the best opportunity to have the President join us, so we chose this route and time around that. As much as some people like CM, it’s way more exciting to get to ride Bud Peterson! And we have groups that will ride from the end of the ride over to FLUX and Clips of Faith, which are both that night (and center around bikes in some way).

      • Frankly, CM does more harm for cycling than good. Basically lots of douches without helmets holding up traffic, and pissing off drivers that then take their anger out on every day commuters.

  3. Woo Hoo! I was riding every day 1978-1982. Keep the momentum going!

  4. Very cool to see Bike Week at GT. For those who are not familiar with the GT campus and would like to stop by, where is Tech Walkway? The google maplinks were not helpful. Thanks!

    • Tech Walkway is between the Student Center and the new Clough Commons building; hope to see you there!

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