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Supporting Bicycling at Georgia Tech

Relay Bike Share virtual hub at GLC

Georgia Tech has worked with Relay Bike Share to create a new virtual hub at the GLC/10th & Home. A virtual hub lets Relay customers park at the racks at that location even though there’s not a Relay station, and they don’t have to pay the out-of-area fee. This was requested by the GLC residents and supported by GLC Housing administration. Depending on usage and other factors we may request an actual station at this location in the future when Relay starts installing new stations later this year. Students and anyone with a email address can sign up for Relay Bike Share at $7.50/month which includes 90 minutes of riding time daily. Relay has 6 stations on campus with approximately 60 bikes, and 500 bikes at 65 stations throughout Atlanta. Please see for more info.

Bicycle Master Plan Released

The Georgia Tech Bicycle Campus Master Plan is developed with a focus on creating a safe, healthy and positive campus biking environment.  It is also focused on establishing Georgia Tech as a national leader in higher education bicycle planning, design and culture.  The goals and recommendations in this plan are developed to position Georgia Tech to reach even higher and achieve Gold or Platinum designation.

The full plan, published by Capital Planning and Space Management, is located here.

New Fix-It Station at Police Station

We have a second fix-it station and pump installed at the Police Station, located at the intersection of Hemphill and Ferst Drive. Please feel free to use it and encourage your friends to do so as well! The other fix-it station is near the east end of Tech Walkway, and there is an outdoor air pump at the Parking and Transportation office in Tech Square. Comments welcome at



Improvements Coming to

We’re in the process of upgrading our website; keep an eye out for a shiny new look soon! Since we’re here to help you, the cyclists on campus, we want your feedback on what the new should be. Let us know in the comments what new features you want, or if you have ideas to improve an existing function. A few ideas are below, but we can’t think of everything – thanks for your help!

  • Maps of cycling-friendly routes
  • Instructions for repairs you can do yourself
  • A calendar of rides and cycling events, both on campus and throughout Atlanta
  • Recommendations on what to look for when buying a new or new-to-you bike
  • Tips to stay safe for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists
  • How to get discounts at local businesses for being a cyclist
  • Information on programs for commuters that complement cycling to work
  • (Your idea here!)

Campus Bike Master Plan

Georgia Tech is currently working on development of a Campus Bike Master Plan (BMP) with Alta Planning+Design. We’d like to make sure everyone shares their thoughts on bicycling, so please share your thoughts using the form below!